Gleason Tags - Sarah Ott Complete Set with Limited Edition #37 Sterling Silver Necklace Charms

$ 200.00

This purchase includes all 3 charms, including the Limited Edition #37 Team Gleason Tag and the 24" sterling silver ball chain necklace. 


Each sterling silver charm is hand-cast, hand engraved and made locally in New Orleans, Louisiana by jewelry designer, Sarah Ott.

The meaning behind each tag:
#37 Team Gleason Tag:  This Limited Edition (Limited to 370 charms) sterling silver dog tag style charm is engraved with Steve’s Saint’s jersey number #37 on one side and Steve's signature hand engraved on the back. Each charm is individually numbered.
Awesome Tag:  The quote, “Awesome Ain’t Easy” is one of Steve’s more celebrated quotes. Things may not be easy, but they will be awesome! Pairing this quote with a lightning bolt seemed like the perfect way to display the power and strength of Steve’s words. Wear a little “awesomeness” around your neck with this sterling silver lightning bolt charm.
Inspire Tag:  Music is a huge part of Steve’s life, beginning with his love of once being able to play the guitar, to now writing and listening to music. No White Flags (NWF) has always been the motto of Team Gleason, meaning they would never give up their mission. What better way to express your inner warrior and show how Steve inspires you, than by wearing this sterling silver guitar pick charm, adorning the NWF motto and his jersey number #37. This charm design came about as a result of matching Steve’s favorite Pearl Jam t-shirt with the infamous Katrina “X-codes” found spray painted on houses after Hurricane Katrina.

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